Susan Svendsen

Inspired by the lakes and rolling hills of her native Upstate New York, Susan Svendsen brings her vision of these images to the art she is creating today in her studio in Richmond, Virginia.  Her portfolio includes sculpture, collage, painting, and photography, and frequently combines these mediums. “The changing landscape of my youth, real and imaginary, often finds its way into my current work. This is most apparent in the way I represent the relationship of color and space.”

Svendsen earned her BS in Sculpture from East Carolina University and received a Master of Art/Human Relations from Syracuse University. With more than twenty years of teaching experience, she has taught art at all levels, from high school in Syracuse to college classes at Virginia Commonwealth University where she was an associate of the Art Foundation Department. She taught collage and altered photography to adults at the Studio School of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and currently provides private classes and workshops.